Feet Essentials

Do your feet ever get rough, dry, or flaky? The summertime is not the right time to be dealing with this problem, but if you are facing this dilemma don’t freak out. Just how you can exfoliate other parts of your body, you can do the same for your feet as well. Avon has a great foot scrub, it’s called Foot Works Tropical Coconut Sea Salt Foot Scrub. It smells delicious and reminds me of beachy days, which is perfect for the season. At $5, I’d say this is definitely a steal. It doesn’t take much time either. Apply the foot scrub to the necessary areas and leave for 2 to 3 minutes then rinse. Using a foot file scrub the dead skin off. You’ll have summer ready feet in no time. 
Maintaining great care of your feet is essential. Sabon’s Foot Cream prevents foot odor, fungus and softens your feet. The foot cream is based on menthol and camphor. Menthol gives it the fresh scent, while camphor is the number on antiperspirant. This is a foot care must-have.