Open up Those Eyes

We all have those days. The days where you roll out of bed after a restless night, or rush to get ready because you missed your alarm. Sometimes you need a little more than coffee to wake you up. When all else fails try something from our list. Or try them all. They’re simple things you can add to your morning routine that will take no more than one or two minutes top. Dark circles are the toughest part to deal with. Once you cover those bad boys, the rest is simple. Using a thicker cream based concealer works best. Blend it well with you fingertips before applying foundation. N.Y.C cosmetics has called Cover Sticks. It’s in a shape of a lipstick tube and works wonders for only $1.99.

One of the easiest eye openers can be achieved by using an eyelash curler. E.L.F. has them for only $1. See it for yourself. Curl the lashes on one eye and compare it to the eye who’s lashes you didn’t curl. Having curled lashes opens eyes instantly. Another simple trick you can try includes using white eyeliner. Line the bottom part of your lower lids. Finally one of the oldest tricks in the book, use mascara. Pick one that’s meant for lengthening the lashes. Longer lashes means brighter, wide awake eyes.

Makeup for Less

Good products don’t have to cost us an arm and a leg. While the aisles at Sephora and other beauty counters are filled with promising makeup, sometimes a more affordable product will do the trick. E.L.F. is one of the best kept secrets in the beauty industry. E.L.F., which stands for Eye Face Lips, of make-up and bath and body products. All of the make-up and brushes range from $1 to $3. It’s a well worth steal. You get quality cosmetics at an insanely low price.

Here are my top 5 E.L.F. products:

  1. Eyelid Primer, $1-  Primers help keep make up in place and avoid smudging.
  2. Liquid Eye Liner in Pearl, $1- I prefer liquid liner because it doesn’t smudge and stays put exactly where I line it. E.L.F. has a color called Pearl. It’s black with a tiny bit of shimmer in it. It takes the dull black up a notch.
  3. Eyelash Curler, $1- This is a make-up bag must have. And at only a $1 there are no excuses not to own one.
  4. Hypershine Gloss, $1- This lip gloss not only moisturizes, but leaves you lips shinny for hours.
  5. Make-up Removing Cleansing Cloths, $3- Washing your face daily is essential,especially if you’ve been wearing make-up. For those really late nights, wipe your make-up off with one of these wipes. It’ll prevent future breakouts.
Visit, EyeLipsFace and browse through all my favorites. I’m sure you’ll have a list of your own soon. E.L.F. products can also be found at Target stores.

Get the Pinched Look

Stains are no longer considered a pain. Well, not all stains anyways. Lip and cheek stains have become a time saving creation. We’re living in fast paced times, where instant gratification is preferred and there is no time for re-applying make up. If you’re looking to achieve that “just pinched my cheeks look”, TARTE‘s cheek stain will do it for you. It contains no alcohol, paraben, and doesn’t dry your skin out. Benefit‘s BENETINT is another cheek tint, and actually looks like nail polish.

Let’s not forget our lips. Lipstick can be hard to pull off especially when you’re not used to wearing any at all. However, it’s safe to say you can put your lip gloss down and try a lip stain. It’s sort of like the “training bra” for lipstick. CoverGirl’s Outlast Lip Stain comes in a variety of pinks, red, and corals.

Why not save money and try your hands at both at the same time. JOSIE MARAN has a Magic Marker Lip and Cheek Stain. Honestly, who doesn’t love a two for one deal? When applying the cheek and lip stains make sure to do it gradually and you’ll learn how much or little you like to have on.