The Brazilian Blowout

Dry, damaged and frizzy hair can be a major pain, especially in the summer when the humidity makes it almost impossible to keep your locks smooth. On my last trip to the hair salon I came across a pamphlet about Brazilian Blow outs. It couldn’t have been more eye-catching. The Brazilian blow out offers healthier hair after just one treatment with no damaged being to your hair what so ever.

The blow out is supposed to give you frizz-free hair for up to 12 weeks. While the treatment takes up to 90 minutes to complete, if the results are as great as promised then the time is well worth it. Along with the treatment, there is a line of products especially made to maintain the strength of your hair. The website doesn’t name a pricee for the treatment, but it’s supposed to be around $350. Of course it’ll most likely also depend on your type of hair and length. This is a large investment to make in your hair, but if nothing else has worked then it might be a good idea to give this a try.

The competitor of the Brazilian blowout is the Japanese straightening method. Both treatments are said to bond damaged hair leave you with a frizz-free scalp. Although both methods straighten the hair, the Brazilian says it will leave you with natural body and volume. Some reviews on the Japanese straightner say that you get more of the pin straight look and will lack in volume.  Before trying either of the treatments it’s best to do your research and consult with a stylelist that specializes in it.

And then let us know how it is!

5 Responses to The Brazilian Blowout

  1. You’re smart to look around! This is definitely a specialty service, and I have many clients who have regular color/cut stylists but sought me out as a specialist for their BB. Not sure if I’m allowed to link to another site here…but I’ll try. This is a blog post with advice on how to research/choose a stylist:

  2. Great post! I couldn’t tell…have you tried it yet? It is AMAZING! I had my first Brazilian Blowout in August 2008 and I’m completely addicted! The full story:

    A hairdresser since ’95 and a curly girl since ’76, I was curious when the buzz began about Brazilian keratin treatments. I’d heard good and bad, and didn’t know much about the different brands. Then a VIP client of mine who had been struggling to “quit” getting Japanese straightening treatments, got a Brazilian Blowout. OMGeeeeeeeee it was so incredible!

    So, I booked mine ASAP, and upon seeing how great it was on both of us (pretty different hair types) I signed up for the class. I’ve been Certified since September 2008 and have done hundreds of these treatments…they are truly a miracle for frizzy, unruly hair, and I’m so happy the trend is spreading. I did 17 of them last week!

    I definitely agree with you that it is important to do research…make sure you are getting the REAL Brazilian Blowout, because some people use that as a “term” not acknowledging it is a brand. Other products which claim to be the same may use formaldehyde or other unsavory chemicals, and make you wait 1-4 days before washing or even ponytailing your hair. With Brazilian Blowout, there are NO HYDES and no waiting!

    So make the most of Google, Citysearch, Yelp, etc and find a stylist in your area who Specializes in the real deal–Brazilian Blowout!

    • That’s’s great. I haven’t tried it yet but I’m looking into it. The salon I go to offer the treatment, but I wanted to do some reasearch on it. So far I’ve heard a lot of good feedback and great results.

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