2 Steps to Clearer Skin

The heat causes us to sweat more and all that dirt clogs our skin. No one wants to deal with breakouts ever; but even less during the summer. The Blemish Fighting Ice Cleanser paired with Biore’s Triple Action Astringent ($7.99) is a duo that won’t disappoint. Unlike other astringents, Biore’s doesn’t dry your face out. It has less alcohol than others, but is just as effective. You’ll notice a difference in you face in days, and blemishes will starts to go away.

3 Responses to 2 Steps to Clearer Skin

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  2. It works great, I’ve been using it for a while now and I don’t think my skin can live without it.

  3. Kaley Raynolds says:

    I think this will work. I saw it in a 17 magazine and it said it had good reviews. Do you know where to buy it?

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