Another Body Art Trend- Va-tooing

As if the Vajazzling trend wasn’t enough, you can now decorate your vajayjay a whole different way.  At Completely Bare after getting you Brazilian, you may opt for a little decoration for the now bare space called va-tooing.

Using stencils, airbrushed tattoos can be added in different shades. You can choose from designs like calligraphy letters, a flower, butterfly and others.

Sounds like a fun way to add some flair down there. If you like this idea, you’ll probably like the vajazzling too. What are your thoughts?

2nd Kim Kardashian Fragrance in the Making

Kim Kardashian is working on her second fragrance, and she’s already started shooting for it. Here’s what she blogged:

“I am so excited to tell you guys that my second fragrance will launch in February of 2011!!!!! I wanted to let you guys know here first so you can all share the excitement with me :)”

I was so very disappointed with the first fragrance, but I have hope the second will be a lot better.  Above she’s at the photo-shoot for the new fragrance and she says the theme is Glamorous.