Support For Your Boobs

With all the outrages products out there, I rarely get surprised with what will come out next. I came across an ad for a product called Kush. It’s sort of like a boob pillow/supporter. Instead of wearing a bra while you sleep, you place Kush in between your breasts. Kush is supposed to separate your breasts and give support. The creator and designer behind the product, Cathinka Chandler said she developed the product after noticing wrinkles on her breasts.

This is available in different sizes to accommodate all breast sizes.

Sounds kind of ridiculous if you ask us. Would you use Kush?

The Importance of Primer

Primer can help your makeup come a long way, especially on these hot summer days. Lately the weather has been reaching such high temperatures, that makeup feels as if it’s about to melt right off. In times like these primer makes a difference. It works by creating a base for your makeup; filling in fine line and wrinkles. By applying some underneath your makeup, it will help makeup go on smoother and stay on longer.

Victoria’s Secret Pro Airbrush FX Face Primer ($14) is actually a steal when compared to other top primers like MAC ($25) and Smashbox ($36). The formula is silky smooth, almost like petroleum jelly but not as thick. One pump (dime size or less) is good for the entire face, and makeup really does last longer on your skin. All that and it has an SPF 20, major plus.

Tip* Apply an astringent like Biore’s Triple Action Astringent (before primer) for super smooth, clean skin. After applying primer, let it sit on your skin for a minute or two and then continue with makeup application.