Pretty Soon Lip Gloss

SunLove recently sent me a great new lip gloss. It’s from Pretty Soon and the color is Bella Rosa. The gloss goes on smooth, isn’t sticky yet stays put for quite a while. This color is the perfect transition from summer to fall. It’s in between fuchsia and red; making it the perfect rosey finish. I’d say this gloss is high quality. Word is there’s also a nude shade, which I’ve yet to try.

***I’m currently getting more information on the lip gloss. I’ll let you guys know soon where you can find it and for how much***

Body Paint is Art?

The Miss Universe Pageant gets racier every year, and the media certainly doesn’t let the organization get away with it. From rehab prone contestants to controversial statements; you never know what’ll happen next. This time around the media is all a buzz about the latest Universe contestants photos. The organization is getting negative feedback and accusations that the photo’s are more playboy-esque than anything else. The pageant will air live on August 23rd from Las Vegas.

Check out the photos on the official Miss Universe website, and let us know what you think. Artistic or not?