Permanent Stop To Excessive Sweating

Hyperhidrosis is a condition targeting three percent of the population experiencing excessive sweating. It’s an embarrassing and annoying condition. Even in the winter. Botox injections is one option for stopping the sweating. It’s a costly procedure and isn’t permanent. Shots can cost as much as $1500 a session. There’s a another option in the form of wipes called, Hyperhidrosis Control Wipes. A more permanent procedure has been discovered. New York Housewife Ramona Singer has gotten it done and swears it works. She said,

“It’s so embarrassing, but I used to literally drip with sweat,” Singer tells StyleList. “But since I got the treatment, I don’t even have to wear deodorant anymore! I’ll still sweat a bit if it’s super, super hot and I’m out, but it’s nothing.”

The procedure is done using the Lysonix 3000 ultrasound liposuction instrument by removing the cells in your under arm that cause sweating and odor. Ramona’s doctor, Dr. Sharon Giese said the results are permanent and work for practically anyone. She says,

“You’ll see anywhere from a 65% to 90% reduction in sweat, with most people getting closer to the 90%. There is a very small percentage of the population who is unresponsive to the treatment, who most likely have a strong hereditary gene for excessive sweating,” Dr. Giese tells StyleList.”

Dr. Giese charges $4500 for the whole procedure, but if Hyperhidrosis is a major problem in your life, it could be worth it. Like any major purchases do your research and shop around.

Botox; How Young is Too Young?

What was once the rich and famous best kept secret weapon is now an everyday acceptance. Botox has come a long way and is now used as a solution for  many cosmetic problems. One of the most common uses of Botox is for the wrinkles and lines that appear with age.  Although wrinkles isn’t something the typical 18 to 20 something year old worries about, younger women and even teens are opting for a dose or two of the injection.

Filipino singer, Charice Pempengco’s career has skyrocketed after making appearances on Ellen DeGeneres’ and Oprah Winfrey’s talk shows. Now she’s preparing to make her debut on the hit show Glee by getting Botox injections and having an anti-aging procedure done. Charice said she wanted, “to look fresh on camera”. The baby-faced singer is 18, yet she looks about 13. How much more fresh and young-looking can you get at that age?

Charice looks as if she’s far from needing any Botox but her publicist, Liz Rosenberg, argued that is wasn’t for cosmetic reasons. Rosenberg said it was done for the muscle pain the singer was having. The procedure was even captured on cameras.

Stop Excessive Sweating

Sometimes you’re not involved in any physical activity what so ever, but for some reason your underarms are excessively sweating. If regular antiperspirant deodorant isn’t working there are other options to consider.

You can save up for Botox injections (which stop the sweating for up to 6 months) or you can something a little less expensive. DERMAdoctor offers a product from MED e TATE called, Hyperhidrosis Control Wipes. The wipes are supposed to be so strong that with one wipe you’re sweat free for a week. It retails for $48 and brings 30 packettes. The Hyperhidrosis Wipes are not just for underarms, but they can be used on other parts of the body that you experience excessive sweating like:

  • Palms of your hands
  • Feet
  • Soles
  • Cleavage
  • Face