Smudge Free Nails with Rapi Dry-July Giveaway

Some products are just worth the splurge. The biggest reason I go the salon for my weekly mani/pedi, is so that I don’t accidentally smudge my nails. I don’t always have the time to wait for them to dry and I don’t have one of the quick dry machines either. There are sprays you can apply to the nails to speed up the drying process, but they leave my hands feeling greasy afterwards.

For you on-the-go ladies, O•P•I has the solution. If you haven’t already tried, Rapi Dry Top Coat ($11.95) you must be made aware of that it works wonders. You brush it on your nails, as if painting them, and it dries in about five minutes to a hard glossy finish. With this you can do your nails on your own; smudge and streak free. Think of it as an investment for your nails.

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Scented Nail Polish

While shopping for nail polish, scent has never been an option; until now that is One of the biggest flaws of nails polish is its toxic scent. As soon as you open up a bottle and start painting it can consume the room with the unpleasant scent. Revlon is a step ahead of its competitors. They’ve released a limited edition collection of scented nail polish, Fruitful Temptations. The collection consists of eight different shades and they range in fruity, tropical scents. Whether you like shimmer, pinks, purples, reds, or even green, there’s sure to be a color for everyone. Retailing at about $4.50 each, who wouldn’t want to try it out?

The shades are:

  • Mon Cherry
  • Sublime Strawberry
  • Coconut Crush
  • Not So Blue-Berry
  • Mad About Mango
  • Raspberry Rapture
  • Pretty in Papaya
  • Passionate Fruit

What do you guys think? Will you give scented polish a chance?