Odorless Nail Polish Remover

Sometimes you need to change your nail polish at inconvenient places. (For me it happened to be at work) No one likes the smell of nail polish remover and there’s no way it goes unnoticed when you open up the bottle. Fortunately for you and those around you while you’re removing nail polish, there’s a solution. Honeybee Gardens, a naturally based cosmetic company, has an odorless nail polish remover. It’s even beneficial for your nails. The polish remover protects your cuticles with the help of aloe and vitamin E. Honeybee’s formula also includes horsetail extract to strengthen the nails. The odorless polish remover can be purchased on their website for $6.99 and there’s a sample size for $2.99. This product would go great with Revlon’s scented nail polish.

Honeybee’s nail polish is also worth the try. Being that it is also odorless, it doesn’t have the toxic fumes regular nail polish does. Their nail polish is water based, doesn’t peel off, and dries in half the time as others do. You get to choose out of 21 different colors for $6.99 a bottle.