Blot the Shine Away

Spring is upon us. It’s time to bring the cute dresses out and throw some shades on. While the weather is beautiful, your face might not be agreeing with it. This is the season when oily skin is most problematic. Oily skin can’t be completely done away with, but it can be somewhat prevented.

Washing you face nightly is key. You don’t want the dirt and oils clogging your pores overnight. After washing away all the icky stuff try an astringent. Using a cotton ball you pat it all around your face. Not only is it great at helping to clear up your skin, but it removes the shine from your face. I use Biore’s Triple Action Astringent. It’s sensitive enough to use daily and doesn’t dry out my face.

Obviously you can’t go around patting your face with an astringent and that’s why blotting sheets were created. My faves are Clean&Clear’s Oil Absorbing Sheets. You pat the sheets all around your face, especially where you’re most oily. And whalah!… the greasy shine is gone. You can actually see the oil on the blotting sheets. It’s easy, discrete, and it fits in your purse. Don’t let unwanted shine on your face ruin this summer.