Tanning Tax is in Effect

The tanning tax is officially in effect since July 1st, 2010. Anyone getting an indoor tan will pay an extra 10% tax for the services. Many tanning salon owners and customers are outraged and feel like they’re being punished. 

“It’s terrible,” said Jan Meshon, owner of City Sun Tanning in New York City.

Meshon goes on to tell cnnmoney.com, “We’ll do everything to keep our customers, but they are very upset by this, he said. “When they first hear about the tax, their reaction is, ‘What? How did that get in there? Why are they attacking me?”.

The constant articles and information out there on the amount skin damage and cancer caused by indoor tanning doesn’t seem to affect the millions that tan each day. Don’t people realize that they aren’t being attacked for tanning. They’re being looked after, their health and well-being is being kept in mind. Maybe if it hurts their pockets they’ll reconsider it.

The tax will not affect self tanners and spray-tans. For safe ways to get the same glow from tanning beds check out, Glow Kardashian Style and Jergens Will Make You Glow.

Jergens Will Make You Glow

I’m all about the faux tan. A tanned complexion can be accomplished without the harmful UVA/UVB rays from the sun as well as tanning beds. Every time you tan and the skin darkens, it means that damage has been done to your skin. Extra precaution should be taken to avoid sunburns, because when you burn your skin is more vulnerable and sensitive to the rays. If you read Beauty vs. Health, it further explains how damaging tanning is.

There are so many other alternatives from spray tans, mousse, lotions, and gels. There’s an option for every body, tone, and skin type. Try something affordable at first if you’re not sure. Jergens has a natural glow collection. I’ve been using their Revitalizing Daily Body and Facial Moisturizer ($8.49 each). In just a day or two of using it your skin starts to get a healthy glow. Another one of their products you can try is the Foaming Daily Moisturizer (Also $8.49 and an Allure magazine favorite). It comes in the form of mousse and makes it so much easier to tell where you’ve applied it on the body or not for a streak free finish.